Stage6 PRO Replica Exhaust - Minarelli/ Aerox


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Stage 6 Exhaust- Pro Replica

A high-performance Stage6 Pro Replica exhaust system& for 50cc and 70cc with CE-mark for an unbeatable price. The Stage 6 exhaust manifold layout has been slightly modified so that the engine has more power in low and mid revs. Elaborate details such as the spring at the rear silencer or the Stage6 logo, which is stamped into the exhaust, enhance the system optically and technically.

This is one of the highest performing pipes money can buy for standard 50cc cylinders. It's able to productively rev higher than all other pipes in its class and therefore preferred by those looking for ultimate top speed. Also performs very well on 70cc sports cylinders.

This pipe has one restrictor in the downpipe- not road legal if this is removed

Available in lacquered with black silencer or chrome with black or carbon rear silencer.

If you want this pipe derestricted you can purchase a 'derestriction' from the spare parts tab

Stage6 S6-9116603/

  • Malaguti 50cc F10,F12,F15
  • MBK Nitro 50
  • MBK Ovetto 50
  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Yamaha Jog (all)
  • Yamaha Neos 50 (2-stroke)
  • Q. Does this come with bracket?
  • A.

    Yes, all Stage6 exhausts come complete with any necessary brackets.

  • Q. I have a yamaha aerox 2001 with a leo vince tt, stage 6 variator, stage 6 belt and racing clutch,would I get any more top speed with using this exhaust ?
  • A.

    Yes, the Stage6 Pro Rep exhaust will give a definite higher top speed than the Leo Vince TT simply because the Stage6 pipe will rev significantly higher than the Leo Vince TT
    Stage6 Pro Rep Exhaust Dyno Graph

    the initial revs are held constant by the variator (the actual rpm is dependant on roller weight) but once the variator has changed all the way out it can ultimate top speed is determined by how high the ped will revs whilst still making decent power.

  • Q. what's best variator to have with this pipe and what's best roller weights?
  • A.

    Use the Stage6 variator for Aerox without question - it comes already setup for the Stage6 Pro Rep pipe so 9 times out of 10 you can just bolt it on straight on without changing the rollers
    stage6 sport pro variator

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