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Tecnigas Trek, Q-treTecnigas are a Spanish exhaust manufacturer who have over twenty years experience of manufacturing and designing exhaust systems for scooters, motorcycles and mopeds.

Tecnigas offer exhaust systems that boast quality and performance whilst respecting the environment.
Tecnigas sell a broad range of exhausts to cater for everyone from people who want a standard replacement exhaust of superior quality at an affordable price, to people who wish to tune their moped by upgrading their exhaust to achieve greater power and performance. Tecnigas have exhausts ranging from Piaggio, Aprilia, Gilera to Yamaha, Suzuki,Peugeot and many more covering both two stroke and four stroke engines.

The range starts from Silent Pro which is a standard look exhaust offering substantial performance increase over genuine original exhausts to Tecnigas Q-tre (a budget but competitively performing 50cc pipe) to the mid-range sports Tecnigas Next-R pipes and the high sports end Tecnigas Trek and ultimately the Tecnigas Triops pipe.

Click here... to read our blog on the differences and performance variations between the Tecnigas pipes.


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