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Yamaha Aerox (YQ)The Yamaha Aerox (YQ50) has been produced by Yamaha since 1997.
The Aerox has been available with a 50cc and 100cc engine produced by Motori Minarelli. 50cc versions of the Aerox use a 2-stroke liquid-cooled horizontal engine, 100cc versions use a 2-stroke air-cooled horizontal engine. All Aerox's use 13 inch wheels and a front hydraulic disc brake. 50cc versions of the Aerox use a rear hydraulic disc brake while 100cc versions of the Aerox use a rear cable-operated drum brake. The styling of the Aerox remained much the same since the start of its production although some special editions were created like the Valentino Rossi Replica and the SP55 edition. Production of the Aerox with a 100cc engine ceased in 2004 and in 2013 a completely redesigned Aerox was introduced and production of the now old shape Aerox ceased.

Yamaha Aerox (YQ)Yamaha Aerox Parts

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