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  • Exhaust Derestriction

Exhaust Derestriction


Add to Basket

When purchasing a new exhaust from us add this service to your shopping basket if you want your exhaust to be derestricted for you.

Please be aware that restricted E-Marked exhausts will no longer be road legal if any restrictions are removed so is only intended for track use.

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. Does this remove both restrictions on a Yasuni Z or R?
  • A.

    Yes it will include both restrictiors, the one in the manifold and the one in the silencer.

  • Q. How do i use this on the stage 6 pro replica exhaust?
  • A.

    This isn't an item you can buy and use yourself I'm afraid. Buying an exhaust derestricton allows people to let us derestrict a new exhaust they ordered from the website before we send it out. 
    If you have a Stage6 Pro Replica exhaust there is a cone welded in the end of the exhaust where it mounts to the cylinder, you would need to grind that weld out to remove the restrictor.