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Yasuni Z Exhaust - Minarelli Vertical


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Yasuni Z exhaust system.

The Yasuni Z is a high quality, high performing exhaust aimed primarily towards 50cc standard cylinders, and 70cc sports kits out-performing all the competition at this level.
Because it has a very broad powerband compared to other exhausts in its class it makes good power over a wide range of rpm and is therefore a very easy pipe to setup.
It also makes its power at fairly low revs making it ideally suited for road mopeds or scooters where ultimate reliability is paramount!

Each Yasuni Z exhaust is handmade in Barcelona and carries full CE approval certification and is E-marked and fully legal for UK road use unless derestricted.

Aluminum rear silencer!

Note: The Yasuni Z exhausts is fitted with 2 restrictors, 1 in the silencer, one in the downpipe throat.

If you want this pipe derestricted you can purchase a 'derestriction' from the spare parts tab

Yasuni TUB306, TUB306B, TUB306C,TUB306CK

  • MBK Booster 50cc
  • Yamaha BWS 50cc
  • Yamaha Slider

Exploded Diagram

Want to remove the restrictors yourself? To see our guide on how to derestrict this exhaust click here.