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  • Aerox CDI- unrestricted, max performance

Aerox CDI- unrestricted, max performance


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Yamaha Aerox CDI

For all 2-stroke 50cc Aerox, Neos '03 onwards models (6pin connector, check connector picture)
Also fits later Yamaha Jog- check pic against your old CDI. If your CDI has the same connector this will work.

This CDI has no restrictions or rev limit.
Actually... to be entirely truthful the standard Aerox CDI of this shape (after '03) already has no restrictions or rev limit and cannot be improved on unless yours is faulty.
Some people are claiming to sell (sometimes expensive) performance CDI's claiming they have special timing curves which will 'make your bike faster'. This cannot work. As with most 50cc 2-strokes Aerox uses a fixed static timing once you open the throttle which is already considered optimal even for highly tuned engines. We have bought and dyno tested these 'performance' cdi's in the past and none of them do what they claim but simply have this standard fixed timing. Even if they did what they said it would not be desireable.

So never buy a new CDI unless yours is faulty, it won't make your Aerox faster!!

These may be supplied with a black or pink plastic casing!

see our blog here for fault-finding your Aerox CDI

equivalent Yamaha 5BMH554000

  • MBK Nitro 50
  • MBK Ovetto 50
  • Yamaha Jog R (air cooled)
  • Yamaha Jog RR (liquid cooled)
  • Yamaha Neos 50 (2-stroke)
  • Yamaha Aerox 50(after 2003 only)