Leo Vince TT- Typhoon/ Zip


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The Leo Vince TT is a entry level powerpipe with 'e' approval making it road legal if restricted. Comes in a lacquered finish.
Good performance with standard 50cc and mild tune 70cc kits

*Includes variator rollers and clutch springs.

The TT is one of the best performing pipes for standard 50cc cylinders but probably not the best choice if you intend to upgrade to 70cc or do more substantial tuning- comes with 5.7g rollers

This pipe has one restrictor in the downpipe- not road legal if this is removed.

If you want this pipe derestricted you can purchase a 'derestriction' from the spare parts tab

NOTE: these come with 16x13 rollers (Older Piaggio) You will need 19x15.5 for most Newer bikes.

Leo Vince 4064

  • Piaggio Typhoon 50cc
  • Piaggio Zip 50cc 2-stroke

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