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Leo Vince TT Exhaust - Yamaha Slider/ BWS


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The Leo Vince TT is a high performing entry level powerpipe with 'e' approval making it road legal. Comes in a lacquered finish.

Includes variator rollers and clutch springs.

The TT is one of the best performing pipes for standard 50cc cylinders but probably not the best choice if you intend to upgrade to 70cc or do more substantial tuning

This pipe has one restrictor in the downpipe- not road legal if this is removed

If you want this pipe derestricted you can purchase a 'derestriction' from the spare parts tab

  • MBK Booster 50cc
  • Yamaha BWS 50cc
  • Yamaha Slider
  • Q. What weights are the rollers and the spring strength?
  • A.

    They come with 15x12 4.3g rollers and yellow clutch springs which are a little stiffer than the standard springs.

  • Q. In the description you say that this pipe wouid not be a good choice for a 70cc upgrade,yet in your comprehensive pipe tests ,you say that theres no difference between this and the ZXR!So is the TT fine for a 70cc kit?
  • A.

    Traditionally the TT was always considered a '50cc' pipe and everyone tending to choose the ZX or ZX-R for a 70cc kit or for a 50cc if you were later going to upgrade to a 70cc sports kit.
    Really though neither of them are particularly great on a 70cc kit. They will both be fine for a simple 70cc sports kit but there are better options if you are looking to buy a new pipe specifically for a 70cc kit (rather than already happen to have one).