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Stage6 Dellorto 21mm Race Carb (Black Edition)


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Stage6 offers you the well known tried and tested Dellorto range of racing carburetors. The most noticable feature of this 21mm carb (type PHBG) is its unique black colour!
This is a genuine Dellorto carb with the internals replaced by Stage6 Developments for optimal performance when used with small high revving scooters!

The metal float bowl has a central screw that allows you to quickly and easily change the main jet without having to remove the float chamber. Thanks to the threaded cap for the throttle slide, you can easily change the needle without having to take the complete carburettor out of the manifold.

The carburettor has an oil feed and vacuum connection and so is ideal for daily use. Same performance as predecessor, but equipped with plenty of new, handy features and bulletproof genuine Dellorto quality.

A choke cable adaptor is pre-installed, you will need either a choke cable or manual pull choke lever.

Uses 5mm Dellorto jets, comes with main jet 92, pilot jet 50, needle W7, emulsion tube 60, jet carrier 262AU.
25mm stub (where it fits into the inlet manifold). 38mm air filter adaptor.

Stage6 S6-31DEL-21

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. I have a sr50r and there is a water pipe from the head to a nipple on the carb. Has this carb got it and if so witch one and if I need to block it off what would I use?
  • A.

    These carbs do not use the coolant lines. You can use this bypass hose.

    Which you join from the water elbow on the side of the engine, directly to the nipple on the cylinder head.

  • Q. What are the grey pipes fittings on each side of the carb at the top for ?
  • A.

    These are overflow/ breather pipes.