Piaggio Zip Inner Body Panels (Individual)


From: £6.65
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  • Foot Panel£19.95In Stock
  • Knee Panel£56.20Sold out
  • Glove Insert£6.65Low Stock
  • Belly Panel£33.95In Stock
  • Spark Plug£18.95In Stock
  • Underseat£19.95In Stock
  • Handlebar£16.25In Stock
  • Mudguard£12.95Low Stock
  • Glove Door£29.65Low Stock
  • Handle Grey£14.25Low Stock
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Genuine Piaggio Zip inner body panel parts.
Due to the recent Piaggio price rises we have now split the inner panel kits so as you can purchase only the panels you need individually!

You can buy all the panels as a complete kit here...

Fits: all Piaggio Zip after 2000

Foot Panel - 576649000C
Knee Panel - 575395000C
Glovebox Insert - 575799000C
Belly Panel - 575402000C
Spark Plug - 575404000C
Underseat - 575405000C
Handlebar - 581323000C
Mudguard - 57617500G7
Glovebox Door - 575396000C

  • Piaggio Zip 50cc (all)

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