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Piaggio Zip LED Front Indicators


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Pair of stylish front LED indicators for all Piaggio Zip scooters.

Features built in white sidelights.

Available in Smoked or Black tinted 

Please select from Lens/Back colour.

Dark/Black and Dark/Silver includes resistors.

  • Piaggio Zip (all models)
  • Q. Which variant corresponds to smoke: dark/black or clear/black?
  • A.

    Dark/ Silver would be classed as smoked.

  • Q. When i turn my indacators on all 4 of them come on at same time no matter what side i click it to what do i need to make them work properly thanks
  • A.

    Piaggio Zip has a diode in the clocks which sometimes does not work well- it can allow a small amount of current to pass through the indicator bulb in the dash to the opposite indicator side- this sometimes causes all 4 lights to flash together after fitting LED bulbs (which require very low current draw)
    The solution is to add LED resistors.
    This works because the diode does not bleed enough current to cope with the extra load the resistors create (similar load to conventional bulbs)

  • Q. Do I need a different relay to use these? Or can I just wire it straight up to the ordianary cable
  • A.

    Piaggio Zip has the indicator relay built into the regulator so it isn't straightforward to change it- sometimes LED indicators work ok with the standard realy but if they flash at the wrong speed you may need to fit these, it will be much easier to fit resistors across the new indicator lights than to change the indicator relay

  • Q. do i need any other parts or it's just plug in like a genuine ones?
  • A.

    It is just plug in but sometimes LED lights make the indicators flash too quickly or slowly because they use much less power than conventional bulbs. If this happens you would need to fit one of these to each of the new indicators...
    click here...

  • Q. does it come with the lenses?
  • A.

    yes, they are complete units


Wiring :

Common Earth - Green
Indicator +12V - Blue
Sidelight +12V - White