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  • Automatic Scooter Gear Oil 75W90 100mls

Automatic Scooter Gear Oil 75W90 100mls


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Scoogear 75W-90 by Kroon Oil is a modern synthetic transmission oil specially developed for 50cc scooters and mopeds. Available in 100ml bottles with easy pour top. Use where 75W gear oil is recommenced which is ideal for Yamaha Aeroxs and Piaggio Zips.

How often should I change gear oil on a scooter?

We’d recommend changing your transmission gear oil at least every 2000 miles. This will help prolong the life of your gearbox.

How do I change transmission gear oil?

Changing transmission is really simple. The drain and fill plugs are located at the rear of the CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) on the left hand side. Place a container under the drain plug and remove fill plug followed by the drain plug. Once drained screw the drain plug back in and then refill the transmission oil with recommenced gear oil. Once complete, replace the fill plug.

How much transmission oil does my scooter need?

A 100ml bottle of transmission oil should be enough for a complete oil change.

What's the difference between engine oil and transmission oil on a scooter?

Transmission oil is used to lubricate only a scooters gears in the transmission. Engine oil is used to lubricate only the engine internal components.

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.