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125cc Cylinder Kit- Vespa 125 VNB/ GT/ GTR/ Super



125cc Piaggio cylinder kit by SIP for Vespa 125 VNB/ GT/ GTR & Super 125cc scooters.

SIP have produced a range of cylinder kits modified to fit older engine types where the cylinders are no longer produced. With this kit SIP have taken a Piaggio original PX125 cylinder and included a special base gasket spacer with the 3rd transfer (boost) port closed for early 2 port crankcases. These kits are superior in performance to the original 2-port cylinders. No crankcase modification is required.

To get the most out of this kit combine with a 24mm carb, SIP road exhaust & racing crankshaft to create a reliable touring set-up. The ports can also be reworked for further tuning.  

If your small end uses a bush instead of a bearing this will need to be replaced with a bearing.

  • Vespa 125
  • Vespa 125 GTR
  • Vespa 125 GT
  • Vespa 125 Super
  • Vespa 125 Sprint