Stage 6 Subframe Kit - Yamaha Aerox



The Stage6 subframe allows you to fit a carburettor pointing directly to the back of the bike (above the rear wheel) where normally the subframe bars prevent this.

The subframe can be mounted flexibly e.g. for everyday use - or suspension movement tightened more rigidly e.g. for race use.

The advantages are plain to see: much better and smoother cornering during throttle adjustments coupled with better throttle response and peak performances thanks to the straight intake manifold!
Included in the package is of course everything needed for hassle-free installation.

*don't forget you'll need a straight inlet manifold to go with this kit

Stage6 S6-9916605

  • doesn't fit new shape Aerox ('13 on)
  • MBK Nitro 50
  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Q. Hello I was wondering if this subfame would work with the 03 Yamaha jog as I believe it is the same concept as the aerox ?? Thanks
  • A.

    Although the engine is the same on the liquid cooled Jog the mounting points on the frame are different so the Aerox subframe kit won't fit I'm afraid.


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