Stage6 Big Racing 77cc Cylinder Kit- AM6


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Stage6 Big Racing 77cc cylinder kit for mopeds using Minarelli AM6 50cc 2-stroke engines.

Stage6 have entered the geared moped market with true big bore cylinders. Stage6 have taken it upon themselves to design an unobtrusive looking cylinder but inside it is much different; these are not bored out cylinders, these cylinders have been designed as big bore from the beginning, transfer and exhaust ports are large enough to cater for the increased performance and the water jacket capacity increased to improve cooling. A vertex piston has been used making these kits very robust.

For ease of fitment; crankcases do not require modification to accept this cylinder and the squish is pre-set.

An up-rated (standard stroke) crankshaft and long cylinder head nuts are recommended.

This cylinder has 49cm3 stamped on the side.

Stage6 S6-7018810

  • Aprilia RS50 1999-2005 (AM6 engine)
  • Aprilia RX50

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