Gearbox Bearing Set- Derbi 50cc

Gearbox Bearing Set- Derbi 50cc


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Gearbox bearing set for Derbi 50cc 2-stroke mopeds with D50B0/1 & EBE/EBS engines.

On geared mopeds the bearings in the gearbox are often overlooked during a bottom end engine rebuild, you have put nice main bearings in so why not replace all the bearings while you have the cases apart? Here we have kits to complete your build.

2x 6203-C 
2x HK1412-B

  • Aprilia RS50 2006 on (Derbi D50B engine)
  • Derbi 50cc geared to 2005 (EBE/S engine)
  • Derbi 50cc geared with D50B0 engine (05 on)
  • Derbi GP1 (01-05)

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