Malossi 178cc Cylinder Kit - Vespa PX125


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Malossi 178cc cylinder kit for Vespa PX125 scooters.

Malossi have abandoned the 166cc and gone for 178cc, Malossi constantly refine there cylinder kits over the years, but they have took a big step with this kit. Almost all of the ports have been further upgraded compared with the earlier cylinders. The biggest difference you will notice is the cylinder head, starting with the fins which are now curved and more winding. This will maximize cooling and improving operating temperatures.

The kit also includes two centering bushes for the cylinder head to get perfect fitment with the cylinder, this is only separated with a single o-ring to achieve maximum heat transfer. 

Spark plug: NGK BR9ES/ B9ES

Malossi 3117676

  • Vespa PX125
  • Vespa 125 GTR
  • Vespa 125 TS
  • Vespa 150 Super
  • Vespa 150 Sprint
  • Vespa PX150
  • Vespa PX125E
  • Vespa PX150E
  • Vespa COSA 1 125cc
  • Vespa COSA 1 150cc
  • Vespa COSA 2 125cc
  • Vespa COSA 2 150cc
  • Q. Is this an upgrade from the 166 kit.
  • A.

    Yes this is the latest cylinder from Malossi to replace the 166cc kits. Malossi have upgraded many features on these kits over the years.

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