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Malossi 7.1 Racing Air Filter Oil


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Malossi 7.1 fully synthetic racing air filter oil.

Malossi have developed this oil to increase the efficiency of their air filters. 7.1 filter oil is more than 90% biodegradable. Additives have been included to increase adhesion of sand, dust and water, without altering the air flow of the air filter. The engine is more protected, reducing the risk of engine damage, increasing the life of the engine.

Clean your air filter with your chosen cleaner/ degreaser. Soak the element with (small amount) Malossi 7.1. Remove the excess and leave to dry. A lubricating film will form on the filter element. The filter can now be installed and your engine started.

Chlorinated solvent free, does not damage the filter element.

Supplied in a 250ml bottle.

Malossi 7617078

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.