Stage6 Streetrace 77cc Cylinder Kit- Derbi D50B



Stage6 Streetrace 77cc cylinder kit for Derbi 50cc D50B Euro3/4 engines.

The Streetrace cylinder made its name on scooters, Stage6 has taken the knowledge gathered and applied it to geared mopeds. The 77cc cast iron cylinder has a 50mm bore, 5 transfer ports and a simple exhaust port. A twin ring piston is included along with a high compression aluminium cylinder head. Performance is increased from the bottom to the top of the rev range.

A 26mm carburettor, mid-race exhaust, reinforced clutch and racing crankshaft are recommended. A 3% oil mixture is also recommended.

As usual with big bore Streetrace cylinders, Stage6 has stamped "49ccm" on the cylinder for official amusement.

Stage6 S6-7119310

  • Aprilia RS50 2006 on (Derbi D50B engine)
  • Aprilia RX50
  • Derbi 50cc geared with D50B0 engine (05 on)

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