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  • Piston Stopper/ Variator Locking Tool

Piston Stopper/ Variator Locking Tool


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This is the most inexpensive tool to lock the variator or crank.

It can simply be threaded into the spark plug hole of the cylinder head. Then turn the engine over carefully with the variator until the piston top touches the tip of the tool and the crankshaft is locked.

Please employ this tool carefully otherwise you can damage the piston!

This item is also available with a padded tip !! (click here)

Fits all common 2 stroke moped engines (14mm thread)

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. Can this ruin your threads for your spark plug??
  • A.

    No, it can't ruin the thread but it can potentially damage the top of the piston if you are clumsy with it. After fitting always under the crank nut very slowly until the piston locks against the stopper before using any force, and don't use an impact gun to undo the nut.

  • Q. Hello, does this stop the piston at tdc? Many thanks
  • A.

    no, but if you fit it and turn the crank one way until it stops and mark the flywheel position and then turn the crank all the way the other way and mark it again then TDC will be exactly in the middle of the 2 marks