Naraku Flat Slide Carburettors 21-30mm


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Naraku V.2 flat slide (PWK) racing carburettors.

The PWK carb is one of the best modern carburettor designs. The compact design improves throttle response and the power jet system allows for further tuning possibilities.

Inlet connection: 35mm
Air filter connection: 50mm

These carbs have a connection for a vacuum tap/ oil feed.

21mm: Main = 96, Pilot = 40.
24mm: Main = 110, Pilot = 40.
28mm: Main = 130, Pilot = 40.
30mm: Main = 135, Pilot = 40.

Naraku NK201.10, NK201.11, NK201.12, NK201.13

  • Universal
  • Q. I have an electrical auto choke, standard carb, looking for a 21mm but don’t understand if I have to buy cables for the choke?
  • A.

    Aftermarket/ race type carbs have a manual choke, so you would remove your auto choke.

  • Q. Will this Carb work on a 125cc 4stroke piaggio typhoon?
  • A.

    It is possible, these are a universal carb so it would require adjustement and setting up.

  • Q. Does the 28mm carb have an oil feed?
  • A.

    These do have a nipple that could be used as an oil feed although this is a bit large for an oil pipe we would normally reccomend running pre-mix with these carbs.

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