Naraku Black Edition Racing Carburettors


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Naraku 'black edition' racing PHBG type carburettors.

These carbs feature oil and vacuum feeds for easy fitment on most scooters. The throttle slide is quickly accessed with the screw top, also the main jet is easily accessible through the float drain screw.

17.5mm: Main Jet 70 (M5), Pilot Jet 60, Needle W16.
19mm: Main Jet 60 (M5), Pilot Jet 60, Needle W16.
21mm: Main Jet 90 (M5), Pilot Jet 45, Needle W16.

Manual cable choke.
Air filter connection: 32-37.6mm
Inlet manifold connection: 25mm

As with all aftermarket carbs; fitment and setup need to be adjusted to suit your bike.

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