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Piaggio/ Gilera Plastic Fuel Pump


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Universal fuel pump as used on Gilera Runner, Piaggio NRG Power, Gilera DNA etc.

RMS equivalent Piaggio CM120901, CM120903

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. Hi which pipes go where? Looking at picture is top one fuel from tap, left vacuum, right fuel to carb? Thanks
  • A.

    top left (marked P) goes to the crankcase, the other 2 are marked with arrows to show the direction of the fuel, so top right is fuel in, and bottom left is fuel out (to carb)

  • Q. what goes on the third pipe attatchment for ?
  • A.

    the 3 connections are...

    fuel in
    fuel out
    to crankcase (the crankcase suck/blow action operates the pump)