Stage6 70cc *Sport PRO* L/C - Peugeot
  • Stage6 70cc *Sport PRO* L/C - Peugeot
  • Stage6 70cc *Sport PRO* L/C - Peugeot

Stage6 70cc *Sport PRO* L/C - Peugeot


£149.95Item is no longer available/produced

The same sort of money that usually gets you a humble cast iron cylinder will buy you a very robust plated Stage6 aluminium cylinder here.
A comparatively tame exhaust port timing together with a huge port area make for an extremely torquey kit which will also rev very nicely. There are not many cylinders powerful enough to stand the Pro's pace off the line.
A reliable cylinder complete with high quality piston and gasket set. 

Liquid cooled version for Peugeot upright engines

Use BR9ES plug with this kit

Stage6 S6-7017501

  • Peugeot Speedfight 1,2 50cc liquid-cooled

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