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DMP branded LED moving indicators for Piaggio Zip produced after 2000.

LEDs light up from the inside out as seen on some popular German cars. White sidelights are included in the front pair. 

Black lens, black back. 

Front and rear available. (sold as a pair)

note:  you cannot have this style of indicator only at the front or only at the rear, they need to be fitted both front and rear to work properly

  • Piaggio Zip 100
  • Piaggio Zip 125
  • Piaggio Zip 50 (2000 on)

Wiring Summary:
Green wire: Earth for both indicators and sidelights
White wire: +12v supply for front sidelights
Yellow wire: +12v supply for indicator

Wiring: to use these lights you need to bypass the existing flasher unit.
To do this cut the blue/black wire coming from the indicator switch leaving enough length to connect it into the white wire which comes from the ignition switch.
So now the blue/black wire is connected to the white ignition wire instead of running to the back of the bike. The white wire is not cut and the blue/black wire is joined into it like a 'T'.

The unused end of the cut blue/black wire needs to be taped over and insulated securely so as it does touch anything.

To connect up the light itself the green wire on the new light connects to the black wire which connected to the old indicator. (Black is always earth on Zip indicators).
The yellow wire on the new light connects to the other wire indicator wire which was paired with the black one (colour varies).

The sidelight wire on the new light is the white wire and can be either connected to the old sidelight feedwire (the one which isn't black) or if your Zip does not have sidelights it can be connected into the main headlight wire (not the black one).

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