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Voca Racing Tyre Warmers


From: £109.95
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Voca Racing tyre warmers. 

An essential item for your race day. Tyres need to be at an ideal temperature to provide the best grip. Using the warmer removes the need to do burn outs or steady ride to warm your tyres up.

The warmer has a temperature switch and can heat the tyres up to 80c, depending on the outside temperature. They also have also WarmRim technology which helps keep the tyre warm till the race starts. The LED readout gives you control over the current heating process at all times. As soon as the desired temperature has been reached, a green lamp lights up. If the temperature drops, the heating procedure is once more started and the orange LED lights up. The warmers are powered via 220V and 200 Watt power.  

Available in 10", 12" or 17" (12" are Red and 10" & 17" Black)

Supplied as a pair. 

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.