Airsal Extreme 88cc- Derbi D50B


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Airsal Extreme 88cc for mopeds using the Derbi D50B0/1 engine.

The Extreme kits are Airsals flagship range. These kits are high revving, high-end racing cylinders. The cylinder utilizes 7 transfer ports with a huge bridged trapezoidal exhaust port. A single ring Vertex piston is used.

To get this kit to run well you will need a large carburettor up to 28mm, a high performance clutch and transmission setup, a high end exhaust and more power can be squeezed from it if the ignition timing is played with.

A high quality 45mm (long stroke) Airsal crankshaft with a 12mm small end, BR10ES spark plug, premixed fully synthetic oil at a ratio of 33:1 is required.

*Airsal big bore Extreme kits require the crank cases to be machined. Instructions are included with the kit.

Airsal 01087550

  • Aprilia RS50 2006 on (Derbi D50B engine)
  • Derbi 50cc geared with D50B0 engine (05 on)

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