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Koso Mini Narrowband Air/Fuel AFR Meter


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Koso mini digital narrowband air/fuel AFR meter from Koso.

A lambda probe determines the ratio of air to fuel in the exhaust gas with 4-stroke engines. The easy to read LCD display shows the oxygen content . The higher this value is, the higher is the residual proportion of oxygen. The ideal value is 14.7 (4-Stroke engines). The lambda probe is therefore a good technical aid to tune the carburettor.

Please note; these are suitable for 4-stroke engines, although the oil content in the exhaust gasses emitted by 2-stroke engines will damage the lambda sensor quickly.

A/F range = 12.2 - 17.2

Guage size = 70x35x18mm.
Probe tip = 7x8mm (ODxL)

KOSO BA033030

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.