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Piaggio Malossi Cast Iron 70cc Kit Air Cooled


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Malossi 70cc cast iron sport cylinder kit for Piaggio/ Gilera/ Vespa air-cooled 50cc 2-stoke scooters.

Malossi cast-iron cylinder kits: the best balance between component performance and life of the component. The cast-iron cylinder kits produced by Malossi are designed and manufactured with the specific objective of obtaining high combustion efficiency, long life, and a reliability that suits the Malossi name. Owing to the experience gained in the preparation of cylinder kits for race, Malossi engineers have developed the thermodynamics of cast-iron cylinder kits to the fullest and designed the inner fluid mechanics of the cylinder kit with fanatical precision (see the transfer pipes, exhaust and combustion chamber), thereby obtaining a high level of turbulence in the combustion chamber. The latter has permitted a substantial reduction in specific consumption and a drastic reduction in the exhaust emission of pollutants.

These kits work well on standard setups, the original 17.5mm carb will need jetting to suit along with rollers and clutch springs needing adjusting. Further gains can be made with a sports exhaust and larger carburettor. A gear kit is also recommended to make this kit work efficiently. 

Technical features

- Material: wear-proof, laminate special cast iron
- Recalculated heat exchange surfaces
- NC machine-tool machining
- Transfer and exhaust designed for maximum efficiency
- Lightened and reinforced, special aluminium alloy pistons with a high silicon content
- Optimised compression ratio
- Very high turbulence combustion chamber

cylinder, head, piston, gudgeon pin, 2x cirlcips, 2x rings, small end bearing, 2x reed petals, 2x exhaust studs, head gasket & base gasket.

Malossi 316926

  • Aprilia SR Motard 50cc
  • Gilera Ice 50cc
  • Gilera Stalker 50cc
  • Piaggio/Gilera 50cc 2-stroke scooters (air cooled)
  • Piaggio NRG MC3
  • Piaggio NRG Power
  • Piaggio Typhoon 50cc
  • Piaggio Zip 50 air-cooled (all)
  • Vespa 50cc 2-stroke
  • Q. Is a 19mm Dellorto carb suitable?
  • A.

    Yes, 19mm and 21mm PHBG type carbs work great with these cylinder kits.

  • Q. What premix ratio shall i use for this kit?
  • A.

    Use 40:1 of good quality fully synthetic oil if you are going to premix. You don't need to premis though, you can use the standard autolube without changing it so long as you use good quality fully synthetic oil.

  • Q. Does the kit come with the piston rings
  • A.

    yes, it is a complete kit

  • Q. What spark plug is used for this cylinder kit?
  • A.

    use NGK BR9ES

  • Q. Does this cylinder kit need to be fitted with a performance/ HPC crank?
  • A.

    The Malossi sports iron kits create their power at fairly low revs and are normally fine on a standard crank. It depends a little on what condition your standard crankshaft is in though, if it is high mileage or you are taking the engine apart anyway for other work it would be worth considering swapping it out for a heavier duty one for peace of mind. But of course a performance HPC (Jasil EVO, Stage6 etc.) crankshaft would work well with these cylinders.