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Aerox Malossi Sport Cylinder Kit - 70cc


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Malossi cast-iron cylinder kits: the best balance between component performanceand life of the component.
The cast-iron cylinder kits produced by Malossi are designed and manufactured with the specific abjective of obtaining high combustion efficiency, long life, and a reliability that suits the Malossi name. Owing to the experience gained in the preparation of cylinder kits for race, Malossi engineers have developed the thermodynamics of cast-iron cylinder kits to the fullest and designed the inner fuid mechanics of the cylinder kit with fanatical precision (see the tranfer pipes, exhaust and combustion chamber), thereby obtaining a high level of turbulence in the combustion chamber. The latter has permitted a substantial reduction in specific consumption and a drastic reduction in the exhaust emission of pollutants.

Technical features

- Material: wearproof, laminate special cast iron
- Recalculated heat exchange surfaces
- NC machine-tool machining
- Transfer and exhaust disigned for maximum efficiency
- Lightened and reinforced, special aluminium alloy pistons with a high silicon content
- Optimized compression ratio
- Very high turbulence combustion chamber

*use a standard BR8HS short reach plug with this kit.

Malossi 318284

  • Malaguti 50cc F12,F15
  • MBK (liquid cooled)
  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Yamaha Jog RR (liquid cooled)
  • Q. Will this kit fit my bike with the Yasuni R exhaust?
  • A.

    Yes this kit will work with that exhaust.

  • Q. Does this need the temp sensor replacing?
  • A.

    Original temperature sensors can be used.

  • Q. What small end bearing it uses? Is it 10mm? Long or wide?
  • A.

    These use a 10mm standard small end bearing, 10mm is the diameter of the gudgeon pin.

  • Q. Following install will you need to premix two stroke oil, or will autolube still be okay?
  • A.

    It's still fine to use the autolube (automatical oil mixing) system with this kit because it is quite low revving but you do need to make sure to use a good quality fully synthetic 2-stroke oil e.g. Synthesis Racing 2 Stroke- Rock Oil

  • Q. Will it be safe to use this kit on a standard crank and would i need a new carb for this kit?
  • A.

    yes, this kit is not especially high revving and is fine on a standard crank so long as the crank and bearings are in good condition (not high mileage or old and worn)

    If you have a 17.5mm carb fitted then it will be fine to use with this kit but you would need to re-jet to suit. If it's a 12mm carb then I would go upto a 17.5mm or even a 19mm(but more involved to fit)