Naraku 70cc Cylinder Kit- Piaggio 50cc A/C


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Naraku 70cc cylinder kit for mopeds using a Piaggio air-cooled 50cc 2-stroke engine. 

Budget cast iron twin ring cylinder kit from Naraku, designed for mild sport set ups.

Supplied with barrel, piston, rings, gudgeon pin, circlips & gasket set

Please note that these cylinder kits are basic sports kits and are not supplied with matched 70cc cylinder heads. These are low-revving and at a relatively low level of tune with a small performance increase and are best suited to standard or mild sports exhausts setups.

Naraku NK102.47

  • all Piaggio/Gilera 50cc 2-stroke mopeds (air cooled)
  • Aprilia SR Motard 50cc
  • Gilera Ice
  • Gilera Stalker
  • Piaggio NRG (all)
  • Piaggio Zip 50 air-cooled (all)
  • Vespa 50cc 2-stroke
  • Q. What sparkplug should i use for this cylinder kit?
  • A.

    If you are using it with the stock cylinder head then you can use a BR9ES plug.

  • Q. What's that extra 3 ring for that comes with this kit (not the piston rings)
  • A.

    Hi, the 'squiggly' ring is a 'compression ring'. This goes on the lower piston groove underneath the lower ring- note that the rings are not the same, one is thinner than the other. It is supposed to give extra compressive force to the lower ring but some people consider them a liability especially on tuned engines where they can increase friction.
    It is fine to simply discard it if you wish.

  • Q. Hi there would the standard carb be alright to use with this kit?
  • A.

    yes it would be fine- if you have a non-standard or 'sports' exhaust upjet to 68-70 as a good starting point and remove the brass plate from the carb mouth if it hasn't been removed already (presuming you still have the standard airbox and filter)- if you are using the standard original exhaust upjet to 62 and remove the brass plate

  • Q. hi there what would be the best exhaust to use for this kit?
  • A.

    it would work best with either a standard exhaust or mild sports exhaust,
    anything here in the 'standard' or 'sports' section, with the exception of the Stage6 Sport Pro Replica and the Yasuni R which are probably a bit too highly tuned for it.

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