Headlight Bulb - Xenon BA20D


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BA20D xenon gas filled headlight bulb.

Easy plug and play for your standard bulb.

12v 35/35watt. Has both hi/low beam.

*available in blue or white

  • Universal
  • Q. If this is a true xenon bulb and it appears to be is it not also true that it requires a ballast to make it work and plug and play with your standard bulb therefore isn't possible ?
  • A.

    there are 2 different types of xenon bulbs...

    1) Xenon gas filled (like these ones) which are basically a halogen bulb but filled with xenon gas instead of halogen gas. These simply can replace a standard bulb and give a slightly stronger and whiter light.

    2) The other type is xenon HID which is a much more substantial improvement but requires additional electrical components to generate the high voltage voltage necessary to power it.

  • Q. Hi are these road legal in the uk?
  • A.

    Yes, when they light they are bright pure white (standard bulbs give off light more at the yellow end of the spectrum) the light itself is not blue.

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