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Stage6 R/T C3 Bearing & Seal Kit - Derbi


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Stage6 R/T C3 main bearing and seal set for Derbi EBE/EBS & D50B0 50cc mopeds.

Changing the crank bearings requires a complete engine strip down, so it definitely pays to fit the best when replacing or upgrading them!

Stage6 offers you these high quality crankshaft bearing kits in 2 versions, with metal cage or with polymer cage. Both types are rated for use up to 20,000rpm with C3 clearance and are suitable for use with the highest end cylinder kits on the market.

The version with polymer plastics cage has higher elasticity and a reduced friction coefficient as compared to the metal ball cage, the metal cage bearing is more resistant than the polymer version, but also generates more friction and hence more heat, which results in a shorter life expectancy.

Sufficient lubrication and proper installation of crankshaft and bearings are of course essential for long life.

NOTE: For polymer version the half-open cage must be inserted so that it faces the crank webs. 

Attention! The polymer cage bearings cannot be used with standard exhausts which contain catalytic converters.

Polymer cage (SKF 6204/TN9-C3)

*Please choose cage material.

Stage6 S6-80325C3/TN9, S6-8031931/MET

  • Derbi 50cc geared to 2005 (EBE/S engine)