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Motoforce Racing Sintered Brake Pads- Aerox Rear



Motoforce racing sintered front or rear brake pads for Yamaha Aerox scooters.

Sintered pads are suitable for race use and are designed to run at higher temperatures than standard. Consequently they start to work best once heated up and will operate best at temperatures higher than those at which standard pads are able to cope.

Their superior thermal properties also minimise heat transfer to the brake pistons and brake fluid thus minimising the possibility of brake fluid boiling under heavy/ race useage.

46mm x 53mm x 6.5mm

Not suitable for road use!

Motoforce MF40.00303 Equivalent Yamaha 5BR-F5811-00, Braking 814, Brembo 7066 CL 3027, EBC SFA268, Ferodo FDB2062, Galfer FD206, Gold Fren 125, Lucas MCB0701, Newfren FD0251

  • MBK Nitro 50
  • Yamaha Aerox 50