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Stage6 R/T Oversize Variator Kit - Piaggio Zip


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The Stage6 R/T Oversize CVT system. Enlarged CVT systems that extend the complete transmission range have become essential for race and midrace engines.

The Stage6 R/T variator offers revised roller curves (optimised for R/T engines) for 19x15.5mm weights, which results in more consistent rpms throughout the acceleration phase. The precise surface angles have been achieved using CNC technology and the centre area of the ramp plate has been reinforced. The sintered guide piece offers optimal lubrication.

Different from conventional torque drivers that are manufactured from steel, this Oversize version consists of forged aluminium halves that are screwed to a guide piece. The halves have been CNC-machined, which guarantees high precision of the entire component and especially of the surface angle. Special attention has been paid to ensure an ideal surface roughness, as this has major influence on shifting characteristics.
Advantages of the modular construction include the reduced heat built-up, the noticeably lower weight and the possibility to replace individual worn components.

At the end of the manufacturing process, all CNC parts have been sealed with a thick ceramic coating, so that the surface characteristics and the roughness can be preserved as long as possible. Shot-peening, as it is done with pure aluminium pulleys, is therefore not necessary - it only becomes necessary when the coating shows noticeable signs of wear.

Included in the delivery are the complete Stage6 R/T Oversize variator, the Stage6 R/T Torque Boost torque driver kit and the Stage6 R/T Oversize drivebelt.

A set of 19x15.5mm (3.5g) rollers is included.

Stage6 S6-5614005

  • Piaggio Zip 50cc 2-stroke
  • Vespa 50cc 2-stroke