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Bosch 12V Electric Water Pump/ Circulator/ Waterpump


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Very high quality universal 12v water pump made by Bosch.
Suitable for permanent long term use.

In scooter racing the mechanical water pumps is normally replaced with an electrical pump.
This is in part to reduce the rotating mass at the crankshaft which results in better throttle response and a slight increase in performance.
Another situation where an electrical water pump come is indispensible is when cylinders in air-cooled engines are replaced with liquid-cooled cylinders.
Instead of installing a mechanical pump, you can go for the electrical waterpump.

This pump has no fixing points as it is small enough to be mounted using the coolant hoses.

12V brushless. 69x97mm.
Weight 250g. 17.5ltrs/min.
16mm pipe diameter.

Stage6 branded option includes connector block. (Bosch option is for the pump alone)

Stage6 Bosch 0392023004

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. Does this pump have to be submerged to keep cool?.. and what size inline fuse is required?.
  • A.

    Hi, no it is not designed to be submerged, the current draw is low (less than 1 amp) so a 2 or 3 amp inline fuse would be fine if you are taking power directly from the battery and not taking the power from somewhere else which is already fused.

  • Q. do you have to take out the standard mechanical pump if your using this electric pump ?
  • A.

    no, it's fine to leave it in- people often do this for instance on Piaggio engines where the original pump has failed but it is very labour intensive to strip the engine to remove or replace the original waterpump