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50cc Chinese 2 Stroke Stator Plate


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Replacement stator plate for almost all 50cc Chinese 2-stroke mopeds, quads and CPI scooters.

*Please check photo against your own before ordering.

Note: this stator has 3 bullet connector wires and a 3-pin connector block. This will still work if your stator has only 2 bullet connections but you must connect the extra green/ white wire to an earth on your bike.
It doesn't matter if the wires are a different colour in the 3 pin block connector so long as the black wire (earth) is in the same place.

If your 3-pin block connector only uses 2 wires (the black wire is missing) this doesn't matter as your stator will earth through the stator bolts to the engine instead of through the black wire.

Basically this will fit all of them. Contact us if you are not sure of anything.

  • Chinese 50cc 2 stroke (1E40QMB engines)
  • CPI 50cc