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TNT Tuning Lanyard Style Kill Switch - Frame Mounted


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TNT Tuning lanyard kill switch.

This is ideal for race scooters. Attach it to yourself and it will of course kill the engine as soon as the plug is pulled out.

This switch has 3 wires and can be wired either both 'pull to make' or 'pull to break' for maximum compatibilities.

  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. Hi, do you know which colours are which ?
  • A.

    This can be used so as it can either make a connection or break a connection.

    Red and black wires are normally open circuit and become closed circuit when the lanyard is pulled off.
    Yellow and black wires are closed circuit normally and become open circuit when the lanyard is pulled off.

    So for example on a pitbike or all Chinese scooters the black/white wire at the cdi will kill the engine if grounded, so you could connect the black/white from the cdi to the black on the lanyard and the red from the lanyard to earth on the bike.