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Stage6 Sport Pro MKII Cylinder-Piaggio AC


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The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc aluminium cylinder has always been an affordable yet very high (European made) quality cylinder kit which has long been popular with in scooter tuning.
Now Stage6, with their new Sport Pro MKII, are taking it one step further! 
This MKII version of the Sport Pro is a completely new design and includes new transfer ports design which gives a 2 hp increase over the earlier kits.
With the right components this kit can make 15-17 hp straight out of the box.

Cosmetically this kit resembles the pentagonal shape of the R/T cylinders and the head is a one-piece construction with cast scavenging passages for better heat transfer. 
The piston used is a replica of the R/T version, with domed crown and 0.8mm ring to increase performance and improve thermal stability.

Use with BR9ES spark plug.

Stage6 S6-7414003

  • Aprilia SR Motard 50cc
  • Gilera Ice 50cc
  • Gilera Stalker 50cc
  • Piaggio/Gilera 50cc 2-stroke scooters (air cooled)
  • Piaggio NRG MC3
  • Piaggio NRG Power
  • Piaggio Typhoon 50cc
  • Piaggio Zip 50 air-cooled (all)
  • Vespa 50cc 2-stroke
  • Q. Would this work with the Jasil Evo crank?
  • A.

    Yes the Jasil cranks are perfect for use with these kits.

  • Q. What premix ratio should I use for this kit?
  • A.

    Stage6 recommends in the manual "If the scooter is to be used with original oil pump, oil will have to be added to the fuel with a ratio of 1:60. Please only use fully synthetic two-stroke engine oils. In case of separate lubrication, the recommended ratio of 1:33 has to be observed; it must not be lower." A mixture of 1:33 would be 150ml of oil per 5 litres of petrol. Here is a link to the manual for your reference click here.

  • Q. Is this kit reliable with standard crank? It will be on a typhoon 03 ac with standard carb.
  • A.

    The Stage6 Sport Pro MKII cylinder kit revs too high and makes too much power to be used with a standard crankshaft unless the exhaust fitted is only a mild sports pipe which limits it's revs e.g. a Leo Vince TT as in this graph.
    But it would be pointless to only fit a mild sports pipe as this would also seriously limit the potential of the cylinder kit.
    You really need something a Stage6 HPC or Motoforce Evo crank with this kit.

  • Q. which exhausts would be suitable for this kit and what revs should it be running at?
  • A.

    see here.


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