Piston Stopper (10mm)

Piston Stopper (10mm)


Add to Basket

10mm thread - 4-stroke and 2-strokes which use CR spark plugs e.g. CR7EB, CR8E etc.

This is the most inexpensive tool to lock the variator. It can simply be screwed into the spark plug hole on the cylinder head... then turn the engine over carefully with the variator until the piston top touches the tip of the tool and the crankshaft is locked.

PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when you employ this tool; otherwise you can damage the piston top!

15mm A/F (socket size)

Fits M10x 1.0mm e.g. Chinese 4-stroke mopeds.

  • Chinese 50cc 4 stroke (GY6- 139QMA/QMB engines)
  • Piaggio Zip 50 4-stroke

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