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Stage6 Sport Pro MKII Cylinder Kit- Aerox


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The Stage6 Sport Pro 70cc aluminium cylinder has always been an affordable yet very high (European made) quality cylinder kit which has long been popular with in scooter tuning.
Now Stage6, with their new Sport Pro MKII, are taking it one step further!
This MKII version of the Sport Pro is a completely new design and includes new transfer ports design which gives a 2 hp increase over the earlier kits.
With the right components this kit can make 15-17 hp straight out of the box.

Cosmetically this kit resembles the pentagonal shape of the R/T cylinders and the head is a one-piece construction with cast scavenging passages for better heat transfer.
The piston used is a replica of the R/T version, with domed crown and 0.8mm ring to increase performance and improve thermal stability.

Note: The temperature sensor used should not be longer than 18mm (incl. thread)- check dimensions!

Use with BR9ES spark plug.

*please select standard 10mm gudgeon pin or oversized 12mm.

Stage6 S6-7416602 , S6-7416604

  • Malaguti 50cc F10,F12,F15
  • Malaguti 50cc F12,F15
  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Yamaha Jog RR (liquid cooled)
  • Q. Do you need to get a stronger con rod to use with this kit ?
  • A.

    yes, this is a high revving cylinder kit with high horsepower, you will want to use a decent quality full circle crankshaft

  • Q. do you know if the original aerox thermostat fits behind the cylinderhead on this stage6 cylinder?
  • A.

    no, the original thermostat is not used (discarded) with this kit and most 70cc kits which are at any substantial level of tune

  • Q. Hi, I bought a Stage6 temperature sensor for this kit but it only screw in a few turns then stops. Is there supposed to be that much resistance? Can you please confirm that this is the correct sensor.
  • A.

    Hi, the Stage6 and Koso sensors are tapered which allows them to fit to different threads.
    It is normal for it not to screw all the way in on that cylinder head.
    You have to use PTFE tape around the thread (use lots of wraps) and tighten it up until it is snug but do not try to tighten it all the way down to the bottom.

  • Q. Hi, why doesn't the head doesn't have 2 steel pipes on the top as my 50cc head does?
  • A.

    On the standard head there are 2 outlets for water coolant hoses which go to the carb, it's designed to pump coolant around the carb to warm it.
    The race kits have no need for these so they don't put them on, the single bolt on the top of the Stage6 kit is a bleed screw. When fitting them most people just block the nipples off on the carb or they can just be left open.


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