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Koso Temperature Sensor Adaptor (14mm spark plugs)


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These temperature sensors allow measurement of the cylinder temperature of air-cooled engines using the Stage6 Rev Counter & Temperature Gauge Clocks or any custom application of your own.

The ring simply fits under the sparkplug. Comes with 5 replacement rings.
This one is for 14mm spark plugs (almost all 2-stroke mopeds). For 10mm plugs click here...

Choose between black plug or white plug type.


  • This item is not specific to any bike, check suitability first.
  • Q. What's the difference between the black and the white plug apart from the colour cheers
  • A.

    if you look at the pics the type of socket is slightly different, this is the only reason they aren't interchangeable

  • Q. What type of sensor is it? A K Type thermocouple or a PT100 RTD type? Thanks
  • A.

    This is a thermocouple. Don't get too tied up with the accuracy of this, they can only be used for a comparison reference. The problem is that the cooling fan blows across the cylinder head which in practice always cools the thermocouple faster than the heat conducts from the spark plug seat so the actual values have to be either calibrated for this effect (impossible really) or ignored and the reading is just used to help show anything abnormal rather than real values.