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Stage6 CNC Throttle/ Switch Kit



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Announcing the Stage6 quick action throttle kit, which dwarfs all grips and handlebar controls on the market!
This throttle grip and switch unit are excellently finished state of the art products CNC milled from solid aluminium.

The throttle has a universally switch (e.g. for killswitch, NOS, starter) and the switch unit comes with M8 mirror mount. Several lock-in positions inside the throttle mechanism and an adjustable throttle cable (which is also included in the kit) ensure it will fit a wide range of different carb sizes.
This is a great upgrade for all conversions that do away with the handlebar controls. The quick action throttle and the handlebar controls can also be purchased individually (se 'spare parts' tab)

Available in steel grey, black and real chrome!

Stage6 S6-SSP110/CR, S6-SSP110/SG, S6-SSP110/BK

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