Stage6 R/T 70cc MK I Cylinder Kit - Aerox/ Minarelli LC


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The cylinder that has been breaking records! It set new best times in the Italian Open Cup and also broke the 6 second barrier in scooter dragracing. Regarding transfer port layout, Stage6 has maintained GP standards, refraining from cross section reducing 7 or 8 port designs. After all, "more" isn't necessarily "better". The 47.6 mm bore conforms to the rules of most 70 cc racing classes. The patented modular construction allows for quickly mounting the cylinder to different engines using adaptors. Sealing between adaptor plate and cylinder is realized via a Viton® O-ring; this makes the tedious cleaning of sealing surfaces and replacing gaskets unnecessary. Once the adaptor plate has been mounted and adjusted via gaskets, it won't have to be readjusted later. The CNC milled adaptor plate bolts to the engine case and accepts the cylinder via the external studs. The construction of the R/T 70cc cylinder doesn't use any continuous studs, so the design of exhaust and transfer ports isn't subject to the restrictions that conventional racing cylinders face, and further tuning and porting reserves are available. Particular attention has been paid to the cylinder's thermal properties.

The CNC milled inner cylinder head is bolted at five points, each of them thermally stabilized by its own cooling pocket. Thus the critical areas at the studs that tend to lead to piston seizures have been eliminated. The flange firmly connects the cylinder to the exhaust via three bolts, minimizing the leakage of fuel residues. Fitting flanges are available for all common racing exhausts, and do it yourself kits can also be supplied. The kit includes an exhaust flange that fits the Stage6 R/T exhaust and installation instructions.

Attention: In order to be able to install the cylinder, it is necessary to open up the crankcase to 56.7 mm. In case of loss or defect of mounting parts, please use STRICTLY Stage6 replacement parts, as failure to do so may result in damage beyond repair!

Stage6 S6-7516602

  • Malaguti 50cc F12,F15
  • MBK Nitro 50
  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Yamaha Jog (liquid cooled)

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