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Stage6 70cc Racing Cylinder MKII- Aerox


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The Stage 6 Racing MKII is the successor to the very successful Stage6 70cc Racing cylinder and is a completely revised version with even more power straight out the box.
A complete revision of the aluminium cylinder with high strength metal nicasil coating. Improvements include complete thermal optimisation (new internal cooling channels and fins). Instead of a flat piston it now includes a Replica of the R/T piston with a 0.8mm Ring and curved piston head.

With the correct exhaust/ components and setup up this is capable of 17-19 HP out the box. Designed with tuners in mind this kit is capable of over 20HP with porting work. 

NOTE: The temperature sensor (incl. thread) must not be longer than 18mm, because otherwise it could knock against the cylinder head. Please check dimensions before mounting!

Choice of 10mm(standard) or 12mm(oversized) gudgeon pin- use BR9ES or B9ES spark plug.

HPC Full circle crankshaft such as Stage6 HPC or Jasil EVO is recommended 

Stage6 S6-7416606, S6-7416608

  • Malaguti 50cc F12,F15
  • MBK Nitro 50
  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Yamaha Jog RR (liquid cooled)
  • Q. Do you need a better conrod than standard with this cylinder kit and would a standard Aerox sensor fit?
  • A.

    Yes that kit will need to be used with a decent quality full circle crankshaft, they have to have a short temperature sensor, some Aerox use this already (the ones with a temperature gauge not just a temperature warning light)


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