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Yamaha Aerox Genuine Gurtner Float Bowl



Genuine Gurtner float bowl for Yamaha Aerox fitted with standard Gurtner carb. Identifiable by its 'push to drain' valve.

Comes complete with gasket set.

*Please note that the "push to drain" has now been superseded with a normal drain style float bowl (picture to be updated)

Yamaha 5RNE4G8101, 5RNE4G8100, 5RNE4G8102

  • Yamaha Aerox 50
  • Yamaha Jog R/RR
  • Yamaha Neos 50 (2-stroke)
  • Q. hi, have a yamaha aerox but when i turn my ped off there is petrol is dripping from the carb and it is really hard to start. I took the carb off and gave it a clean and it is still doing it, what can be wrong?
  • A.

    Hi, Yamaha Aerox uses a gurtner carb, on these carbs there is a little overflow pipe which is attached to a little drain valve on the bottom of the float bowl. The valve is the white bit in the picture below...
    Aerox gurtner carb float bowl

    If you push the valve up it drains the carb float bowl. This valve has a habit of leaking after a few years and it is necessary to replace the float bowl to fix this. The reason your Aerox becomes hard to start is because after the float bowl has drained the engine has to crank over for 20 seconds or so because the float bowl has re-filled with fuel (the fuel flow to the carb is automatically switched off except when the engine is cranking or running)