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Stage6 19x15.5 Rollers Set



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3x coated precision very high quality rollers from Stage6 made of durable plastic on CPT-base (like Malossi Rollers).

These rollers are available in a wide range in steps of 0.25gr and with tolerances of 0.05gr these rollers are the most precise on the market.

They were moved over from the High End section and come in sets of 3, so you can combine 2 ranges of weights and thus achieve optimal acceleration characteristics! So for a complete set, get 2 identical weight ranges or combine 2 different ones.

For easy identification the rollers have size and weight printed on them and additionally lasered on the inner rim. Also included in the package is a special lubricant that can be applied to the variator's roller area.

Stage6 S6-G190

  • Universal


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